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UPS Deploys New Scanning Device in its Package Sorting Operations

UPS packagingAugust 2, 2012 // www.logisticsweek.com
In another significant technology upgrade within its package handling operations, UPS today announced the deployment of a new type of “wearable” scanning system for employees that accelerates the loading of packages into vehicles and the delivery of visibility information to customers.

“The new device made by Motorola Solutions consists of a hands-free imager that is worn on a finger and a small terminal worn on the employee’s wrist or hip. The ring imager represents a major advance because it automatically scans based on label-sensing technology, allowing UPS employees to more quickly image bar codes compared to the current “point and shot” method with existing equipment.”

“The improved technology enables UPS to accelerate the transfer of package tracking data to customers and improves package travel reliability through the system. Internally referred to as “link and load,” the scans are key to providing the tracking data that feeds the 32.14 million tracking requests viewed daily.”

“With the new equipment, the ring scanner sends each package’s tracking information via Bluetooth to the terminal worn on the wrist or the hip. The data is then transmitted over WI-FI to the UPS facility network and ultimately to UPS’s global data centers to be stored and processed to be quickly accessed by customers.”


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